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The best Michael Kors smartwatches you can buy: Bradshaw 2, MKGO, and more


Mar 1, 2021


Michael Kors is an established and renowned luxury brand in the fashion world. In 2016, it joined the smartwatch race under the wings of the Fossil Group. Now, Michael Kors smartwatches are among the pick for those who value the aesthetics of their wearables.

Running Wear OS and built on Fossil’s smartwatch platforms, the brand’s wearables are proving more and more popular with our readers.  In this article, we take a look at the best Michael Kors smartwatches you can buy. Their website also offers worldwide shipping options to include urgent delivery referred to as Hot shot jobs.

Why buy a Michael Kors smartwatch?

Technology is an important factor for swathes of Wear OS smartwatch users, but design can’t be ignored either. As a fashion brand, Michael Kors smartwatches focus on the latter. Its wearables are available in a number of metal finishings, encrusted in stones, or bright statement colorways.

As for the technology they tout, the wearables share Fossil’s technology, with newer watches running the latest Gen 5 and Gen 5E hardware. This makes them flashier alternatives to the watchmaker’s more grounded offerings. If Skagen or Fossil smartwatches are too bland for your tastes, you’ll probably find something in the Michael Kors stable.

The best Michael Kors smartwatches

Michael Kors smartwatches are pretty similar in technology, but there are a few key differences when it comes to stylings.

  • The Michael Kors Lexington 2 is the best Michael Kors smartwatch for classic watch lovers. It’s effectively a Fossil Gen 5 in an analog Lexington’s shell.
  • The Michael Kors Bradshaw 2 is the best Michael Kors smartwatch for flashy watch lovers. Sharing specs with the Lexington 2, the Bradshaw 2 packs a flashier body and designs.
  • The Michael Kors Darci is the best smartwatch for smaller wrists. It’s based on the Fossil Gen 5E platform which offers support for smaller displays and dials.
  • The Michael Kors MKGO (Gen 5E) is the best smartwatch balancing style and practicality. It packs a silicone strap and aluminum body but doesn’t drop any of the embellishments.
  • The Michael Kors MKGO (Gen 4) is the best Michael Kors smartwatch on a budget. Its practical design is based on Gen 4 technology, so while it’s the most colorful option, you’ll have to settle for older hardware.

Michael Kors Lexington 2: The best classic Michael Kors smartwatch


Michael Kors Lexington 2


The Lexington 2 made its debut in 2019. Despite its age, it remains one of the most popular smartwatches in the brand’s stable. As a hat-tip to the non-smart Lexington, the Lexington 2 features a textured bezel around its face with three buttons on its right-hand side. It’s a little stocky, too, with its 44mm face and 12mm thick body.

In terms of technology, it’s built on Fossil’s Gen 5 platform. This means it packs a built-in speaker and microphone for chatter with callers and smart assistants, heart rate monitoring, and NFC for mobile payments. The Lexington 2 also boasts 5ATM water resistance and custom battery modes for those on the go. It’s the perfect smartwatch for those seeking a smartwatch inspired by a classic timepiece.

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Michael Kors Bradshaw 2: The statement smartwatch

michael kors bradshaw 2 render 1

Credit: Michael Kors


The Michael Kors Bradshaw 2 shares many of its specs and features with the Lexington 2, which means it’s also based on Fossil’s solid Gen 5 platform. In terms of aesthetics though, the Bradshaw 2 is by far the flashier of the two watches.

It swaps the Lexington 2’s textured bezel for a completely smooth 44mm face or one bordered by stones. At 12mm thick, it’s a large statement smartwatch that also packs a built-in speaker, heart-rate tracking, custom battery modes, and NFC for Google Pay support. It’s a statement smartwatch through and through.

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Michael Kors Darci: A smartwatch for small wrists

michael kors darci gen 5e smartwatch mkt5129

Michael Kors Gen 5E Darci
Credit: Michael Kors


Don’t fret if the Bradshaw 2 or Lexington 2 are too large — there’s a daintier offering, too. The updated Michael Kors Darci is one of Michael Kors’s newer smartwatches. It’s based on Fossil’s Gen 5E platform and features a seven-link bracelet with a jewel-encrusted stainless steel case. It’s slightly smaller than its aforementioned siblings which makes it a better fit for smaller wrists.

Additionally, users get longer battery life for their cash and a gem-embellished bezel with MK accents. Buyers will have to settle for 4GB less internal storage. It may be a smaller option, but that doesn’t mean it’s not flashy.

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Michael Kors MKGO (Gen 5E): A Darci with a silicone strap

michael kors mkgo gen 5e mkt5117

Michael Kors Gen 5E MKGO
Credit: Michael Kors


The Michael Kors MKGO Gen 5E shares its platform with the Darci. While the two watches seem similar on paper, there are some key styling and design differences.

For starters, the MKGO is available in a slew of band options. It also employs an aluminum case, which shaves some digits off its weight and price compared to its siblings. The right-hand side button is also tauter than the Darci, while a single line of jewels borders the display. It’s arguably the more practical new Michael Kors smartwatches available.

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Michael Kors MKGO (Gen 4): A budget Michael Kors smartwatch

Michael Kors MKGO Wear OS 6

Michael Kors MKGO


The Michael Kors MKGO is unlike any other smartwatch in the brand’s stable. Launched in 2019, it’s based on Fossil’s slightly older Gen 4 technology. Despite this, we’re including it in this list due to its unique design.

It drops the flash metal exterior used on the Bradshaw 2, Darci, and MKGO Gen 5E for silicone straps and a candy-colored body. This makes it most suited for users who lead an active lifestyle. It’s also by far the cheapest Michael Kors smartwatch listed here. While that price is largely due to its use of the older technology platform, it still sports heart rate tracking and NFC smarts for Google Pay.

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