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Nobody Saves The World: Release Date, Gameplay, Platforms, & More


Mar 30, 2021

Nobody saves the world is DrinkBox studio’s upcoming action role-playing game. The developer, who is also known for its Guacamelee series, revealed Nobody saves the world during Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Showcase.

The most recognizable element of this upcoming RPG will be the Final Fantasy-inspired tactical gameplay. Meanwhile, let’s talk about all the other information revealed so far about the game.

Release date

No official release date is announced for Nobody saves the world yet. However, DrinkBox Studio has mentioned that they’re targeting to release this alternative action RPG is by the end of summer 2021.

Platforms supported

Nobody saves the world will run on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X upon its launch. The game will also be available on Xbox game pass for PC and console. When launched, the game will be available on Steam and the Microsoft store.


In the game, players will employ the character of “Nobody,” a formless white character. Nobody is the apprentice of a powerful mage who is apparently missing. The plot of Nobody Saves the World revolves around a world that is plagued by monsters, brutes, and other dangerous creatures. And the responsibility of saving the world falls upon Nobody, on the very first day of his apprenticeship.

To help him accomplish this daunting task, Nobody uses a magic wand. This magical wand will help Nobody acquire many forms through the game’s progression. Moreover, Nobody will obtain specific offensive and defensive abilities from the various forms.

Additionally, the game has 18 different forms, including a horse, a mouse, among many others. Interestingly, the players will mix and match different acquired abilities from their quests as the game progresses. A loadout system will allow players to make a blend of various abilities to suit every playstyle better.

This will be all for this article, and we will be updating this article with every bit of new information revealed by the developer shortly.

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