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How to become a Fiverr Pro and sell to top clients


Dec 18, 2020

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Fiverr was once a fun site that let you buy or sell gigs for $5. Typically, these “gigs” involved making retro portraits or singing happy birthday with custom lyrics.

Over time though, Fiverr has gone through something of a rebranding. The homepage now promises that you can find your “perfect professional.” Categories include Graphics & Design, Digital Marketing, and Industries.

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While you can still buy those fun, throwaway “gigs,” the focus has very much changed. This is now a platform for professionals first and foremost: and Fiver Pro takes this to the next level. So, how do you become a Fiverr Pro? What perks does it offer? Let’s take a look!

What is Fiverr Pro?

Fiverr Pro is effectively a higher “tier” membership for sellers on Fiverr. As a pro, you will be able to charge more for your services and reach a more business-oriented userbase. There is a separate Pro section of the site where you will be able to find other pro users and offers.

Fiverr Pro

Credit: Adam Sinicki / Android Authority

When you become a Fiverr Pro, more serious businesses will have the assurance that you know what you’re doing. In turn, this will give you access to the best clients. In that regard, Fiverr Pro is similar to sites like TopTal a freelance platform for premium-rate professionals. Fiverr Pro can’t really compete with TopTal in terms of rates or the quality of the professionals it attracts. However, the esteem gained is certainly a step up from “regular” Fiverr.

When you become a Fiverr Pro, you’ll also find that there is a slightly more limited selection of gig categories. Specifically, these are:

  • Graphic and Design
  • Programming and Tech
  • Writing and Translation
  • Video and Animation
  • Digital Marketing
  • Music and Audio
  • Business

In short, we lose the fun Lifestyle option and the very broad Industries.

Fiverr Pro brings a few additional features too, such as seller requests. Seller requests let you respond to ads posted by clients. This once again gives you access to a wider variety of clients and jobs.

Is Fiverr Pro worth it?

Fiverr is generally a great option for those that want tighter control over their gigs and have a more creative bent. You’re more likely to work with YouTubers and bloggers on Fiverr, versus the mid-sized businesses that you would find on a site like Upwork.

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That said, Fiverr also charges higher rates than a lot of the competition (usually 5{652344f324e607afb926ee4e256931fddd7f2413ab8be67a07ff8f3969f7c7a6} plus PayPal fees). You’re also less likely to find full-time employment or longer-term contracts through Fiverr. It’s just a question of what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to pay.

However, assuming that Fiverr appeals to you, there is really no drawback to becoming a verified Pro. Once you go Pro you’ll have access to more jobs at a higher rate, and you’ll still be able to create regular gigs just as you would have done before.

Fiverr Pro is a little less competitive than UpWork when it comes to serious B2B services. Nevertheless, it gives you a wider range and more flexibility when it comes to the types of jobs you want to offer. Since it’s free, there’s really nothing to lose by signing up either!

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How to become a Fiverr Pro

Find the Perfect Freelancer Fiverr

Credit: Adam Sinicki / Android Authority

If you’ve decided you’d like to become a Fiverr Pro, the next question is how to do that. Fortunately, this is relatively straightforward.

To go pro, you need to head over to this link and submit an application. There, you’ll be asked a few questions about your expertise, qualifications, and back-catalog of work. There are no fees attached and anyone can apply. You’ll also be able to convert older Gigs to “Pro Gigs” if they have fewer than 26 reviews.

So, what kinds of things is Fiverr looking for in its pros? If you have completed previous work with high profile clients, worked for well-known organizations, or even created your own successful projects, then these things will help a lot. Likewise, if you have relevant degrees and certifications, then you will stand out more.

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Don’t have what it takes to become a Fiverr Pro? Then get out there and start building that resume. This is what I would recommend to any online professional. Seek out high profile jobs, take online certifications, and create a blog. Think of yourself as a brand and try to become an “online superstar” in your niche.

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If you can do this, then you will be able to stand out and land the best jobs – especially if you also become a Fiverr Pro!

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