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HMD wants to ‘redefine mobile phone ownership’ with a new subscription service


Sep 3, 2022

  • HMD Global has launched a new smartphone subscription service called Circular.
  • It allows Nokia phone owners to invest in charitable and environment-friendly causes by keeping their phones longer.
  • HMD has also launched new Nokia phones that’ll be available with Circular subscriptions.

HMD Global may have given up on launching flagships, but it’s trying a new jig to keep people interested in Nokia smartphones. The company is debuting a new subscription service for its mobile phones so that they don’t end up in landfills.

Called Circular, the subscription model will reward Nokia users for keeping their phones longer. Users will earn credits called “Seeds of Tomorrow” that let them invest in eco-friendly and humanitarian causes such as planting trees, keeping plastic out of rivers, and providing connectivity to remote areas.

A Circular subscription costs anywhere between €12 and €30 per month.

The program will also allow Nokia handset owners to return or replace their phones at any time after a period of three months. However, the seeds or credits won’t count towards any discounts while buying new phones.

The longer customers keep their devices, the more credits they will earn to use towards charitable causes. Once a device is returned, HMD will either refurbish it, send it to a partner program for people in need, or recycle it responsibly.

Depending on the device, customers will have to churn out anywhere between £12 to £30 a month for a Circular subscription. There will be an additional £30 setup fee. The company will quickly replace subscription devices in case of accidental damage, loss, or theft.

Initially, only four Nokia devices will be available with Circular subscriptions.

HMD’s Circular program will first become available in the UK and Germany. More markets will be added in the future.

Initially, only four Nokia devices will be available with Circular subscriptions, starting with the newly launched Nokia G60 and the previously released Nokia XR20, and Nokia T10.

The Nokia X30 and Nokia T21, also launched at IFA 2022, will be added to the list when they become available.

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