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Can I watch Quibi on TV? (Update: Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV apps)


Oct 21, 2020

Update: October 20, 2020 – We have updated this article to show that you can finally watch Quibi on your TV with native apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV devices.

Quibi is the latest premium streaming service that wants your eyeballs to watch its content. It’s now available in the US, Canada, and other countries with over 50 scripted, unscripted, and daily shows. One of the big bullet points about the service, at least at first, was that was only available on mobile devices. Specifically, the only Quibi apps you were able to get at first were for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. However, many people have been asking for months, “Can I watch Quibi on my TV?”

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It’s a question that’s very understandable to ask. After all, many people watch streaming services in their living room or bedroom on their smart TVs.  Having said that, is there any way to watch Quibi on TV? The good news is that, if you have the right device, the answer is finally, “Yes”.

Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV apps

Six months after Quibi first launched, you can now watch the service on native smart TV apps. Specifically, you can add apps for the Apple TV set-top boxes, the Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks and smart TVs, and Android TV smart televisions, set-top boxes, and sticks like the new Chromecast with Google TV device.  So far, there does not seem to be any native apps for Roku-based devices yet. We will update this article if a Roku app is added.

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Airplay and Chromecast support

Quibi also added Chromecast support to its iOS and Android apps after the launch. If you own a Chromecast dongle that’s attached to your TV, or if your smart TV has Chromecast support built inside, you can launch the Quibi apps and cast all of its programs to your TV.

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iOS device owners can also cast the Quibi app to Airplay-based smart TVs. Again, all you have to do is launch the iOS Quibi app and cast all programs to your Airplay supported TV.

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