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7 Best Free Case Converter Online|Title Capitalization Tool In 2020


Oct 19, 2020

While it’s possible to change case of a couple of sentences manually, doing the same for long paragraphs can be burdensome. This is where you need the best free case converter tool online for title capitalization or other multiple cases.

In this article, I have compiled a list of 7 free online case converters to convert case beyond the usual lower case or upper case text. If you aren’t aware, there are a variety of cases such as Camel Case, Pascal Case, Alternate or Toggle Case, Inverse Case, Snake Case, and more. You can learn more about it here.

Fossbytes Case Converter

The Fossbytes Case Converter has the most user-friendly UI without any clutter — something that you’d observe quite often on other websites that are laden with ads and random tools that you probably aren’t looking for. There are no ads on the site and you just need to paste the text you want to change case for. And within a single click, you can do title capitalization, camel case, pascal case, and much more.

The best part is that it works in eight different languages, namely, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, French, German, Italian, and Turkish.


Case Converter is a part of Fossbytes Tools. Our top 7 list of best tools continues below

Top 7 Free Text Converter Online In 2020

S. No.Free Case Converter Sites
5.String Functions
6.Unit Conversion

1. Convertercase

Convertercase is the best free case converter tool on this list because because it offers something beyond the standard title capitalization upper/lowercase. It gives you a bunch of unique case options like Wide case (adds extra space between letters) and Background case (reverse the sentence and its letters).

As an added bonus, it offers a Morse code translator and Binary code translator too. The only con here is the presence of huge ad banners that are right on your face and can seem annoying at times.

2. Toolpage

Next we have the Toolpage case converter. The reason for placing it next on the list is its variety of offerings. I noticed it had some unique cases like the Kebab case and Studly caps. Kebab case is basically appending all the text with hyphen which basically makes it look like a Kebab, hence the name. It is pretty useful when you have to generate URLs.

Meanwhile, Studly caps is like the Alternating case but instead of capital letters appearing alternatively, the capital letters pops up randomly in pairs. Apart from these, the rest consists of common text converters and title capitalization tools you have probably used before.

3. Titlecase

The third best free case converter on this list is Titlecase. First of all, I really like the clean UI and color theme of this website. But the most useful feature this tool offers is the ability to add exceptions to the words you would like to keep unchanged. I haven’t come across another site that provides this feature. And the best part is that you can add an unlimited number of such exceptions apart from the default options already listed in the Settings.

In addition to this, the dot.case converter is another unique option you have. It basically removes all spaces between words and replaces with dot (can be helpful for naming files).

4. Texthandler

You can convert case online with Texthandler into not just the standard case options we have seen above. It has unique free case converters like Flip text (to flip the text upside down) and Bubble text (encases every letter inside a circle).

On this site, there are some bonus tools as well for Removing Multiple Spaces in text and Removing Line Breaks. You can also convert your texts into HTML on this site by automatic insertion of tags.

5. String Functions


Although String Functions mostly contains basic free case converters such as uppercase, lowercase, etc. The reason for adding this to the list is the catalog of string manipulation options it offers, which might come in handy at times. One of the most useful tools that you might need along with a text converter is a word counter.

String Functions offers both word and character count tool along with Binary and Hex converters too. You can check out the entire list of options in the image above.

6. Unit Conversion

Apart from the standard title capitalization and case converting options, I stumbled upon a couple of uncommon options on this site, namely, Reverse Text and Reverse Word. By using the Reverse Text, you can flip each word individually which can make the word seem gibberish but it’s useful if you feel like writing a mildly cryptic passage. For instance, the word “although” changes to “hguohtla.”

But if you just want the entire passage to be written backward without jumbling the position of letters in a word, you can go for the Reverse Word option. For instance, “I saw a brown fox” becomes “fox brown a saw I.” Randomcase is another feature you can use if you are just looking for an unusual case for your text.

7. Textfancy

The last text converter we have here is Textfancy. As you can see in the image, it has all different types of case converters that you might need. What’s unique in its offerings is the Password case generator which can take any string and convert it into gibberish letters that can form strong passwords.

The other useful option here is called Remove Punctuation which can strip all the punctuation in a passage.

Stylize Your Sentences With Free Case Converters

So this brings us to the end of the article. With these tools, you can now save ample time and energy in doing monotonous tasks. I hope you found these free text converters and title capitalization tools helpful! Do share your thoughts below in the comment box. And in case you happen to know if some other interesting tools like this, please share it with us.

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