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Step aside ultrawide, ultra-tall monitors are perfect for reading and writing


Dec 5, 2022

LG’s new DualUp monitor is unconventional, to say the least. It doesn’t look like any monitor I’ve ever used, let alone seen. The display stands 28 inches tall with a 16:18 aspect ratio. It’s a sight you’d be forgiven for stopping and staring at, but the decision to stand out with a unique design ultimately pays off for some special use cases, especially reading and writing. Not sure if a vertically stacked display is right for you? Let’s dig into where the LG DualUp stands tall and where it might fall short.

LG DualUp Monitor with Ergo Stand

About this article: I tested the LG DualUp monitor for one week. The unit was provided by LG, but LG had no say in the direction or published content.

What it’s like to use the LG DualUp

Credit: Darcy LaCouvee / Android Authority

Let’s start with the good. No more scrolling! Well, maybe not entirely, but I mainly found myself using my mouse just to move the cursor. Reading my emails is much more pleasant since I can see everything in my inbox right there without having to scroll up and down to find something. I can simply scan the page with my eyes. Likewise, I can see twice as much of an article that I am reading at any given time, and there is zero white space on either side of the text. If you’ve ever tried reading something on an ultrawide monitor, you’d know that most of the screen space is blank except for the middle. Here, you just get the big “middle,” front and center.


With a tall 16:18 aspect ratio, this monitor is great for reading and writing.

As a writer, I appreciate this layout since it allows me to see my words as they appear on devices that most people would typically use to read them, such as a phone or tablet. The portrait orientation prevents my paragraphs from stretching out sideways, making scanning and catching mistakes much easier. In fact, I wrote this article using the LG DualUp and enjoyed the experience so much that I was reluctant to send it back! Navigating through WordPress was much more concise with a full lateral spread, and I could have a secondary program like Slack tucked away in a corner if needed.

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