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How to see who follows and unfollows you on Instagram


Mar 9, 2022

If you care about your follower count on Instagram, it can be kind of unnerving when someone unfollows you. Perhaps they unfollowed you because they haven’t seen you in a long time, or maybe it’s something else? Whatever the case, Instagram won’t alert you when you are unfollowed, so you have to take extra measures if you want to figure out who unfollowed you. Here’s how to see who unfollowed you on Instagram.

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The easiest way to see who unfollowed you on Instagram is to download and install Followmeter (Android | iOS). Log into your Instagram account from Followmeter to see information like your unfollowers, as well as how many users are not following you back.


How to see who unfollowed you on Instagram

Checking a user’s Following list

By visiting a user’s Instagram profile, you can manually check to see if they follow you or not. Of course, you will need to know whether or not they ever followed you in the first place to determine if they unfollowed you.

Start by visiting the Instagram profile of the user in question. You can do this by tapping the magnifying glass-shaped search button in the bottom toolbar, then typing their username in the search bar.

searching for the user who follows or unfollows you

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On their profile, press the number in the top right above Following. If they follow you, your account will appear at the top of this list.

example of a user that is following you

Example of someone who has not unfollowed you.
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If that Instagram user is not following you—meaning they never followed you in the first place or ended up unfollowing you—then your profile will not appear in their Following list at all.

Checking your own Followers list

Instagram used to have a “Following Activity” feed that allowed you to see who unfollowed you. When Instagram stopped this feature, people began relying on manual methods like checking their follower count every day.

To check your own Followers list, go to your Instagram profile. Here, Instagram allows you to see the total number of people that follow you and all of the accounts that follow you.

go to your profile and open the Followers list on Instagram

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Within your follower list, type the name or username of the person you think unfollowed you in the Search field at the top. If their profile appears, they still follow you; if they have unfollowed you, it will say No users found in the results.

instagram no users found

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Utilizing a third-party app

followmeter banner

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The other way to see who unfollowed you on Instagram is to use a third-party app like Followmeter. You will need to grant the app access to your Instagram account by logging in. However, after you’ve done that, Followmeter tracks all of the following activity that goes on with your account.

Open the Followmeter app (Android | iOS), then press the Unfollowers button to check who recently unfollowed you.

opening followmeter and interface overview

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