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Has Mercedes Given Up Its On Self-Driving Car Dreams? No, It Hasn’t


Oct 28, 2020

Recently, news surfaced on the internet that Mercedes gave up on developing its self-driving car technology. The news was first reported by RedaktionsNetzwerk Deutschland (RND) and covered by several media outlets. However, the German automaker slammed all such reports.

Sascha Pallenberg, Head of Digital Transformation at Daimler AG, said on Twitter that it’s not true and the autonomous program is still ongoing.

As per the earlier reports, one of the company’s spokesperson said, “We don’t compete in any race that we can no longer win.” In addition, he said the company will now be focusing on its finances by strengthening the brand’s value.

The news of Mercedes Benz quitting the race to make a fully self-driving car was indeed a surprising one. Mercedes is one of the oldest and best automakers globally, and its fans would not expect such actions. Furthermore, Mercedes is one of the few automakers who constantly innovate and improve current technology.

Back in 2015, the automaker presented Mercedes Benz F015 Luxury in Motion to demonstrate its abilities in autonomous vehicles. However, we can say that Mercedes might not be as active as Tesla when it comes to self-driving cars.

Is Tesla Intimidating Mercedes In The Race Of Self-Driving Vehicles?

Tesla recently launched its Full Self Driving Beta version for selected owners only and so far the response has been overwhelming. This U.S. EV maker has built a reputation when it comes to autonomous vehicles.

The pace with which Tesla is developing its technology is excellent. Amidst all this, other automakers might find it difficult to surpass it for now.

However, we see it as a healthy competition among the automakers. This, in no way, would intimidate any automaker and stop them from working.

Anyway, what do you guys think about this?

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